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Any printer that supports maximum print roll widths of between 45cm (18”) and 2.54m (100”) is usually known as ‘wide format’. Printers which have capacities beyond 2.54m wide are considered to be ‘super wide or grand’ format.

So why use a wide format printer?

There are many printing projects which need far more than the usual A4 sheet of paper. Typical assignments that require much larger printing equipment include; graphic projects, large photos, architectural plans and maps.  If companies were to outsource these projects, they may not only be disappointed with the quality of the finished product, but they could also find it a very costly exercise.  By renting or leasing a large format printer, companies will have a professional piece of printing equipment at their disposal, capable of handling large, time-intensive projects. Such devices have the ability of printing hundreds of square feet in less than an hour.  They can print on a variety of media types including, fabric, film, adhesives and banners to name but a few. They also use specialised inks to produce fine quality, crisp images.

Ideal candidates for these wide format printers are businesses that consistently produce signage, banners, photos and other types of graphics.  Many of these printers feature 'roll technology' which enables you to use rolls of material in the printer, to vary both the length and width of your products. A few of the very best wide format printers can print up to 163cm (64") wide, giving you a huge when creating larger, more dynamic pieces.

What should I look for in a wide format printer?

When considering a wide format printer there are a few crucial things to look for:

Firstly, it needs to be efficient and capable of producing high-quality prints. These machines are specialist products and can be expensive, so you need to ensure the device has the capabilities to perform all of the functions you need.

Other things to think about:

a) Printer Features

Pay close attention to the features of the wide format printer you intend to buy, rent or lease, to make sure it has everything you are looking for.  For example, one of the most important tools to make sure the products you produce have distinct, crisp, clean, edges, is a built-in cutter. Also, to enable you to print from external devices, USB ports are very useful additions.

Most importantly, there needs to be a warranty on the product, of at least 1 year, as standard, however some manufacturers offer products with longer warranties.  Check this before you commit!

b) Performance

Wide format printers are capable of printing large areas within a short space of time.  The best performing wide format printers give users a range of options to vary the length, thickness and width of material used to print. They will also achieve fast printing speeds and provide high resolution prints.  Devices accommodate between one and four rolls within the printer, which vary in both thickness and length.  Before buying or leasing your wide format printer, try to take note of the amount you produce.  To avoid constantly having to refill the device if you print large amounts regularly, then choose a machine that has a greater capacity to hold more.

c) Different Print Options

The whole point when using wide format printers is that you want to have the flexibility to be able to print on a variety of materials.  Machines offering different media printing options will give you greater scope to diversify.  Many of the basic wide format printers are limited to printing only on paper-like material, whilst if you want to use a greater variety of materials to print such as fabric, film, adhesives and tear-resistant materials, you will need to select a higher end product.

d) Compatibility & Design

Before you buy or lease a wide format printer, ensure you have sufficient space for such a large piece of equipment, by checking the dimensions, for these devices aren't the typical sized, office printer, often weighing in excess of 75kg!  Also you need to make sure that the wide format printer you decide upon is fully compatible with your company's operating systems.

So, having considered all this, is it better to buy, rent or lease my wide format printer?

Due to all their specialist features, wide format printers range in price from £800 up to a staggering £20,000.  Such an outlay can be a huge burden on a company's finances.  Quality wide format printers can be a good investment so you could explore various financing options.  However, you will not only need to think about your cash reserves, but also how soon you will need to purchase a newer model with better technology.  If you don't want to tie up your reserves in such a way, then opt for leasing or short term rental of your wide format printer.  In doing so, you will also have the security in knowing that it can be updated on a regular basis,  enabling you to make the most of the latest technology available.  Wide format printer leasing is the most favourable option for the majority of people.

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