Photocopier leasing for London offices & schools

In our current financial climate I’m sure many people are aware that keeping an office, school or other institution running cost effectively, whilst still retaining its efficiency, can be a daunting prospect.

With overheads soaring due to the rising costs involved in renting premises, consumables and other expenditures, finance managers and company owners need to consider ways of reducing their bills whilst increasing their profitability and output.

Photocopier leasing is an excellent way to lease your office equipment, rather than making a huge hole in your finances through outright purchase.  Benefits of leasing your photocopier, for example, greatly outweigh the often exorbitant costs of buying and can prove to be an ideal option for any office or school, large or small.

Photocopier leasing for Schools

With current budget cuts, in order to survive, schools are forced to reduce resources to the barest minimum just to get through the school year.  Photocopiers form an integral part of school life, yet aren't always cost effective, especially if they are outdated.  Older appliances often cost more in repairs, maintenance and consumables than a new machine would, so why not consider re-evaluating your equipment and lease a more advanced photocopier which provides greater economy and will ultimately provide significant savings? 

Here are a few benefits of leasing school copiers.

  1. Economy

    Instead of paying a large, up front amount to buy the product outright, sometimes in excess of £10,000, schools can budget for a much smaller monthly payments when leasing.  With pre-determined monthly payments, finances and budgets can be managed more adequately. Good leasing companies will tailor your leasing agreement to a payment schedule that works best for you.  What's more, interest rate changes won't affect the monthly payment amounts which have been agreed in your lease agreement.

  2. Higher End Products

    Photocopier leasing allows schools to acquire higher end, better specification photocopiers than they would be able to afford if they had bought a product outright.  The greater capabilities / features of these machines will lead to more affordable productivity and efficiency.

  3. Up to Date Technology

    With constant improvements in today's technology, schools who have purchased a photocopier may find they can't afford to update outdated equipment.  Photocopier leasing or printer rental provides an opportunity to do just that, allowing you to take advantage of the newest capabilities and features that technological progress brings. By choosing a lease with a predetermined upgrade date, you'll ensure your school has the most modern and efficient copiers available. This ultimately saves money, because improved technology means not just reduced cost per page for printing, but also guarantees that you have more energy efficient, cost efficient and up to the minute photocopier software at your disposal    

  4. Service and supply costs covered

    Often leases will not only include the photocopier but also come complete with any service, maintenance, technical support and supply costs too, and some leases even include consumables like toners.  This is perhaps the major benefit of leasing, as when you purchase a copier outright and it stops working or has a fault, it is not only expensive to repair but can disrupt the office until it is returned to you. When you lease repairs can be made at no additional cost.  This factor alone amount to real savings.

  5. Tax Advantages

    Through a monthly lease agreement, schools can deduct each payment from their taxes, whereas buying the photocopier only allows the copier's depreciation at the year-end to be deducted.  Typically, photocopiers depreciate by 40% of the purchase price in the 1st year and 25% each year thereafter.  Monthly lease deductions will quickly accumulate, thus leaving you significantly more in your end of year budget than if you had bought your copier.

  6. Security

    Today's schools require ever increasing security features, which the newest photocopiers and multi- function machines can supply. The knowledge that data can't be accessed is crucial in today's school environment.  Staying compliant with current laws and regulations is very important to every organisation, so leasing a copier for your establishment which allows you acquire and maintain the most up to date and secure equipment, makes sense, if you are to be confident that your machines will be equipped with the most advanced security measures on the market today.

  7. School Access Control Features

    In a school setting, it is vital to have control over who uses the copier and what information they can be privy to.  Controlled access keeps a rein on expenses and increases the security of sensitive information.  By leasing a new photocopier / multifunction machine, up to date features such as Access Lock, will enable you to decide who accesses what through the use of password authentication, giving you ultimate control over your school office equipment.

  8. Multifunctional Equipment without the High Cost

    Amongst other tasks, busy school offices need to scan documents, print reports and upload information to other devices.  Instead of having separate devices that fulfil these requirements, a multifunction device that can complete all these jobs in one place, makes far better sense. Not only will it save time going from machine to machine, but also the money that is needed to maintain and keep those machines working!  Leasing gives you the opportunity to have the best equipment at your disposal that will print, scan, copy etc, for a small monthly payment.

Photocopier leasing for Businesses & Offices

If you buy office equipment especially photocopiers, expect a hefty upfront cost.  It makes better financial sense whatever size of business you are, to lease your office photocopiers.  Not only will you avoid the high costs of outright purchase, freeing up your capital to invest in other areas of your business, but you'll also make your budget planning far easier and controllable.

Here are a few benefits of leasing photocopiers for business offices.

  1. Higher Spec Copiers to Increase Efficiency

    Photocopier leasing is beneficial to all businesses, irrespective of size or turnover, as it enables you to afford a higher spec copier which would be out of most businesses reach if it were purchased outright.  This in turn, results in faster, increased productivity.

  2. Predictable Budget spending

    The fixed monthly payments which leasing involves, enables businesses to control their budgets.

    With lease payments you'll know your exact monthly expenditure and you can therefore budget accordingly. Leasing provides the security in knowing that there will be no surprises or hidden costs that will arise which will affect your budgeting thus improving your cash flow.  You also won't have to worry about investing a large sum at any time to purchase or fix your equipment.

  3. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

    Older photocopiers can be considerably less efficient with higher costs per page.  Leasing a newer model can be a good option when upgrading equipment, improving productivity, energy efficiency and giving you greater control over usage.

  4. Tax Advantages

    Companies that lease enjoy a major benefit of leasing, which are the great tax benefits. Offices can receive 100% tax relief on all leasing equipment, which conserves cash flow and saves your business money too!  (Please also see schools section, which also applies to businesses).   

  5. Updated Technology

    Leasing allows cost-effective trade-up access, allowing your company to update photocopiers to the very latest technology, meaning you'll remain on track with the latest features and upgrades and not get stuck with an old, outdated white elephant!

  6. Security

    This is of paramount importance for the modern office, whatever their size.  From large conglomerates to the smaller business, security features highly today's climate of cyber warfare. It is a vital necessity to keep company documents safe and secure.  Modern multifunction machines have the capability to do this, ensuring total security.  (Please see schools section which also applies to businesses).

  7. Multifunctional Equipment without the High Cost

    Every busy office needs to have the facility to scan, print receipts and upload vital contracts etc.  Having a multifunction device to fulfil all these requirements will ease workload and enable these jobs to be completed in one place.  Leasing a multifunction machine is certainly the way forward, not only giving you the benefit of having the new product almost immediately, but also won't leave a gaping hole in your finances.

  8. Service and supply costs covered

    As with schools, business offices benefit significantly from having their service and supply costs covered.  To avoid disruption to your everyday working, which could be expensive for your business, it makes sense to lease a photocopier and include a service agreement which runs alongside the lease. You'll be safe in the knowledge that repairs won't cost you the earth.  Many providers will even leave you with a replacement machine if, for some reason yours can't be repaired on site, enabling you to resume business as usual. (Please see schools section which also applies to businesses).

  9. Small business and 'Start up' advantages

    Banks sometimes make it difficult for you to borrow money if you have less than 3 years-worth of finances.  However leasing companies will usually approve a lease for a photocopier with only 6 months-worth of figures.  This is ideal for new start-ups and smaller businesses with less 'disposable' budgets, yet but who still require up to date technology to keep their business afloat. Often leasing only requires a small deposit to be paid and you then simply pay your monthly leasing fee, spreading the cost over time.  At a later time, you can change the lease to suit your needs, ie if you want to expand.

Paragon Comment

There is some excellent advice here about why photocopier leasing for offices & schools makes such perfect sense.  Leasing is not only a good way of controlling the initial outlay that you would have to part with were you to buy your new photocopier, but it also provides you with the reassurance that your equipment will be updated when it becomes outdated along with the security that any repairs will be taken care of, without any expense to you. 

Paragon Document Solutions are the company you can rely on.  We offer premium photocopier leasing services throughout London and Nationwide, along with exceptional products, dealing in only the best manufacturers with a reputation of excellence, reliability and state of the art technology.  Our flexible photocopier leasing service helps you to take advantage of all the benefits that photocopier leasing can provide.  We are a market leader in photocopier leasing, offering great deals, not just on photocopier leasing, but on a range of other services too.  Our photocopier leasing agreements offer you 1 to 5 year lease periods, deferred payments of 6 months and the option of ownership at the end of the lease agreement.  Our service also allows you the option to upgrade your lease at any time during the leasing period, should your circumstances change.  So why not contact Paragon Document Solutions today.

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