Managed Print Service Assessments

Book your Managed Print Service Assessment today to find out how Managed Print Services can help to redefine and improve your document management.

Cost is invariably an important factor for exploring Managed Print Services, (MPS), yet its ultimate value can often reach much further into many other areas of your enterprise.  The first important step, therefore, in understanding where, and how MPS can transform your document environment, is to undertake an MPS assessment.

Valuable insights and guidance can be obtained from an MPS assessment. If your organisation is struggling with any of the factors in the list below contact us now to schedule your Managed Print Service assessment.

Cost-based Drivers:

  1. Your existing print infrastructure has escalating costs
  2. There is pressure to reduce general business costs
  3. Your predicted spending is on the increase
  4. Print spend reductions are a specific directive of the company
  5. Finding difficulty in balancing operating expense versus your capital spend
  6. Highlighting and identifying the hidden costs of business processes, archiving and equipment
  7. There is pressure to make improvements of revenue and margins

Governance Issues:

  1. Your existing print infrastructure isn't clear and there's a lack of understanding
  2. No structure in place to track/measure the print environment
  3. Adequate management of the large number of unconnected output devices
  4. Adequate management of the printing environment due to multiple makes and models of equipment and numerous supplier contracts
  5. High volume of desktop devices
  6. Your current MPS contract is due to end in 12-18 months
  7. Difficulty in meeting sustainability goals

Location-based Challenges:

  1. Difficulty in integrating existing systems due to consolidation, mergers or acquisitions
  2. You are seeking efficiency and savings after a company merger
  3. Efficiency is poor due to widely distributed offices in multiple locations
  4. Internal departments making their own, independent, buying decisions
  5. A large mobile workforce who are widely distributed

Process, Strategic and Market Considerations:

  1. Your business relies heavily on inefficient, paper-intensive processes
  2. New document or workflow requirements created due to customer needs
  3. Lack of knowledge about the utilisation of printed documents
  4. Business needs aren't adequately aligned to the print infrastructure
  5. Competitive pressures result in increased focus on operational efficiency
  6. A large quantity of highly regulated industries or clients, such as financial and health care services, who are document-intensive
  7. High degree of compliance and security requirements

If any of the above issues sound familiar and apply to your business or office then we can help you. Contact us today to find out how our Managed Print Services can bring significant positive changes to your document management.

We specialise in providing Managed Print Services to businesses and offices in London & pride ourselves on offering a first class service at competitive prices. 

What's more, with 95% of our customers returning to us time and again, our reliability speaks for itself.  So be smart, and put your faith in us.  You know it makes sense!

Contact us today on 0800 357 677 or email to discuss your requirements and schedule your Managed Print Services assessment. We will happily answer any questions or queries you may have about any of our products and services.

Managed print service assessments

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