Photocopier leasing is the perfect choice for start-up companies

Those who have embarked on a new business venture know that it isn’t a walk in the park. New start-ups take an awful lot of hard work, planning and worst of all money! So you need to be canny and think of as many money saving ventures as you can, to make that first year less of a financial burden.

For instance, within the office environment, technical equipment like computers, printers and photocopiers can result in a hefty bill if bought outright.  Yet there are alternative options, especially where photocopiers and printers are concerned. Photocopier leasing and printer rental for example, could help you get into gear with a lower cost solution to funding your office equipment, allowing you to kick start your new business without being tied into lengthy contracts or paying for vastly expensive equipment.

Whatever the size of your new business, and whatever your needs are regarding your photocopying requirements, you must first try to ensure that what you buy or lease a photocopier it will be suited to all your needs.  To keep costs lower only select the machine with the features that you really need!  There is little point in having an expensive all singing, all dancing photocopier, if you only have minimal copy and print requirements.  Similarly, at the other end of the scale, a larger company who is likely to use much higher quantities of duplicated material, would be silly to use a 'pocket sized' copier which doesn't have the ability to cope. So quantify your needs before embarking on your choice of copier or printer, so you'll be well informed about your exact requirements.   

After this, visit a reputable provider who'll advise you about the models that might be suitable and what they will cost you!  Remember outright purchase is expensive, and will tie up a lot of your start-up capital, so it makes sense to look into the prospect of renting your printer or leasing a photocopier, rather than buying as the benefits of photocopier leasing are huge.  

Short term rental will cost more than long term leasing in the long run, although this may be an option if you are unsure if your business will 'take off' or if you aren't certain of the amount of copying that you will do.  By taking this route you'll get the time to evaluate your usage for a month of two, allowing you to upgrade your machine, if needed at a later date.

Longer term photocopier leasing helps you to conserve your cash, as it releases the capital that you would have spent when buying your device outright, allowing you to focus this money elsewhere.  It also ensures that your company moves with the times, as you can update your photocopier during the lease period, if, for example you expand.  Furthermore, leasing enables you to always have the most modern and energy efficient copiers at your disposal, instead of being left with the ageing appliance you bought several years ago,  which can't perform as well as it did, is now outdated and isn't up to the task anymore.  To be a successful business you need to innovate and change regularly, which often means your equipment also has to. Photocopier leasing will help you to do just this. By keeping up to date, especially where printing and copying is concerned, your company won't be left behind. Leasing is a flexible and cost-effective solution for companies, allowing you to get the latest technology you require, without costing the earth.

Another money saving feature of renting or leasing a photocopier is that of repair and maintenance costs.  These are largely covered when you lease, which can be a substantial saving, as opposed to having to fork out for repairs after the guarantee has expired on a purchased machine.

Photocopier leasing is therefore becoming increasingly popular with new businesses as they can avoid the large outlays required through outright purchase, which significantly reduces their start-up costs.  And when money is tight, conserving your cash resources is critical, so it makes sense to rent or lease a photocopier, rather than buy.  With more than 50% of new businesses failing within the first year, the successful ones are those that know how to keep their expenditure to a minimum and photocopier leasing can help do just that.

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There is certainly some excellent advice here for both new and established businesses alike.  If you are looking for photocopier leasing to help your new business prosper, you can find a range of printers and photocopiers for lease to suit your needs at Paragon Document Solutions. Our short-term photocopier leasing is perfect for new businesses that are still testing the water.  To find out more, browse our range of printer hire services and photocopier leasing today. We'll ensure you are completely happy with your new photocopier or printer before we arrange your lease.  You'll receive accurate, unbiased information from our experienced staff and prices that just can't be beaten.  And it doesn't end after taking out your lease, as our aftercare service is second to none.  So contact us today, we'll give you a first-class service at economy prices. So why not give us a try?  You won't be sorry!

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