Why rent of lease a photocopier?

We all know in our personal lives that having money tied up in various ways, such as in long term savings accounts, bonds etc, where we can’t freely access it for fear of being penalised, is often a nuisance. Similarly, in business, it is better to have the flexibility of knowing that the funds that have been accrued over time aren’t tied up unnecessarily, so that we can utilise these in more important ways, like ploughing them back into new business opportunities.

Much of a company's finance can often be tied up in the purchase of new equipment, such as photocopiers and printers, which are often very costly.  Coming up with the initial capital to buy a photocopier often stretches operational budgets beyond profitable limits. Furthermore, owning and maintaining a copy machine can be a real financial burden for many small businesses, as repair and maintenance costs can be excessive. Leasing expensive machinery can help to ease any up-front monetary investments and could also provide a number of other attractive benefits too.


Businesses seldom have unlimited capital at their disposal. Using financial resources for making purchases that appreciate rather than depreciate over time is more important to a business than investing in office technology that will ultimately only lose value. By avoiding large purchases on equipment like photocopiers, businesses can keep their bank lines of credit available for more significant business needs. A good lease agreement could also include the cost of supplies, further reducing the initial payout.


There are also significant tax advantages when copier leasing rather than through outright purchasing. In buying a copier, you can only deduct the machine's depreciation, which is usually around 40 percent of the purchasing price the first year and then 25 percent of the purchasing price in subsequent years. Yet if you lease a photocopier, lease payments are considered a pre-tax business expense, meaning you are able to deduct the entire payment each time it is made. Sounds good huh? And there's more!


Leasing, rather than buying copiers can therefore help to alleviate any budgeting concerns, as instead of making one large payment when you make your purchase, leasing enables you to set up a scheduled set of far smaller payments, giving you the flexibility to arrange your financial resources to better effect. Good leasing companies will allow you to choose the length and terms for your lease, offering you payment flexibility.  Furthermore, interest rate changes don't affect any already established payment amounts that you make.


Any piece of new technology eventually becomes old technology.  Photocopiers are no exception and will depreciate in value over time, not only due to use, but also because of the development of more up to date, advanced technology.

Businesses buying their photocopiers can only upgrade in technology by investing in other new machines. You'd also need to dispose of the previous model, adding to your expenditure.  However, most copier lease agreements have upgrade options to replace copiers at a predetermined date, enabling businesses to always be in line with the newest office technology. This also results in more efficient copying, as newer machines have lower per-page costs. This efficiency translates to greater profits and returns on your lease investment. A win, win, situation, I think!

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There are some excellent reasons here to lease rather than buy!  Paragon Document Solutions specialist copier, lease and rental service is unsurpassed throughout London and throughout the UK.  With centres nationwide just a phone call away, we are an essential part of every office's equipment requirements. We are authorised Canon, Kyocera and Toshiba approved photocopier dealers, specialising in the selling, leasing and rental of copiers and printers.  

Paragon's copier and rental solutions offer…

  • 1 to 5 year lease periods
  • Deferred payments of 6 months and the option of ownership at the end of the lease agreement.
  • Flexible leasing service, allowing you the option of upgrading your lease should your circumstances change at any point during the leasing period
  • Fast delivery and installation/ setup
  • All your servicing and maintenance costs covered
  • Full training and support on all photocopier leases/rentals
  • Everything supplied (paper not included) when you rent / lease
  • Rental / lease packages tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Our own fully qualified, expert engineers, for fast, on site repairs
  • Competitive prices with our price match promise


So, is photocopier leasing the right choice for you? It seems the benefits of leasing/renting certainly outweigh the disadvantages, although the final decision is ultimately yours!  If you want up to the minute equipment, without the financial worry of replacing your copiers and printers before they become obsolete, along with the peace of mind that your copier will be repaired fast and efficiently, without costing you the earth, then leasing is for you.  Alternatively, the 'white elephant' choice might be for you… owning outdated equipment that will be left on your hands; worthless; unable to be repaired due to parts no longer being available; left high and dry because you can't afford the outlay for a new one… I could go on. I know what I would do.  I hope you do too!

Why not Contact us today to discuss all your photocopier leasing needs, or email info@paragon-ds.co.uk with any questions or queries you may have about our photocopier leasing services.

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