Why lease a Toshiba photocopier?

Toshiba’s company slogan is “Leading Innovation”, and this is undoubtedly the case with its photocopying solutions. All Toshiba photocopier and printer models are specifically designed to deliver the utmost efficiency, to enhance productivity and profit margins.

Toshiba offer a full line of multifunction products with a wide range of finishing options and special features. Their e-STUDIO MFPs are fast and productive, providing organisations with the ability to produce whatever they need, whenever it's needed.

Toshiba's advanced technology provides a range of up to the minute functions on all its photocopying and printing appliances, whilst still managing to maintain a very competitive price tag.  What's more, Toshiba photocopiers and printers are extremely user friendly and renowned for their reliability.

Because, as a prospective customer, you will be investing a lot of money into your new appliance, it seems sensible to be sure of both the quality and the level of after sales support you will receive for your photocopier/printer, so that you get the best of everything. For a quality brand such as a Toshiba photocopier/printer, you should not only seek out the cheapest deal, but the best service with it!  So here are a few pros and cons to consider carefully before you lease or buy.

Leasing a Toshiba Copier: The Pros

  • Consider other customers on-line reviews. 

Reviews say that Toshiba is a well-established photocopier brand with a wide range of document solutions. They are considered to have excellent customer service, prompt response times and are renowned for the quality, efficiency and durability of their printers/ photocopiers.  Customers also say Toshiba has helped them work more efficiently by offering them a wide range of products, from multifunctional print and copying systems to digital document management products.  Toshiba photocopiers can deliver good returns on your investment, along with providing you with the latest technology / innovative designs around, enabling you to undertake all your printing / copying solutions. Reviews state that their latest photocopier models have improved environmental specs, reduced maintenance, and a lower total cost of ownership.  They are also building a good reputation, through delivering products that minimize waste, creating environmentally responsible products as part of their 'eco product design', thus minimising the environmental footprint.

  • Shop around for the best prices

Toshiba provides photocopiers that can help you to save money, manage your documents securely and improve efficiency in the workplace, so when you have selected the Toshiba copier or printer model that best suits your needs, do some 'leg work' to ensure that you then receive the most competitive price. Before entering into a photocopier lease with a potential provider though, look at what is included and what's not!  

  • Paragon Comment

Toshiba copiers are known world-wide for their reliability and being user friendly.  Their systems are also market leaders and constantly being refined and updated. So if you select a Toshiba product then you won't regret it!  Paragon Document Solutions realise that it's a huge step to not only select a manufacturer and model that's right for you, but also find a reputable provider who can offer you the best photocopier and printer lease/rental/hire prices around.  At Paragon, we have a variety of the most up to date Toshiba models, to suit everyone's pocket.  Take for example, the Toshiba e-Studio 2050C, which proves that full colour MFP performance is no longer limited to very highly priced systems.  Toshiba's new e-Studio 2050C SE series feature full-colour multi-functionality, a compact footprint plus excellent cost-efficiency.  Now even smaller workplaces can afford the benefits of MFP functionality!  It has a compact multifunctional A3 colour system, (which is ideal for up-and-coming businesses), great colour quality and a range of finishing options to allow for efficient and productive workflows. It's also environmentally friendly due to the improved toner technology.  Or, for a more compact design, why not consider the Toshiba e-Studio 287CS? This is an A4 colour photocopier which is perfect for small businesses, but equally at home in a larger office environment.  Its advanced security measures will benefit any Finance/Legal department, whilst the embedded software platform can open up cost recovery for Educational establishments.  Its features include a compact, all-in-one A4 multi-functional system with productivity speeds of 28 ppm, great images and print quality, incredible document security,(due to Toshiba Secure HDD), plus reliable e-BRIDGE technology. Added to this a low power consumption, for both economy and ecological reasons, and there you have it, an indispensable office addition.  What's more, all Toshiba e-STUDIO devices are backed by Toshiba's 'Quality Commitment', an industry-leading guarantee.

With our 50 years of collective industry experience, Paragon knows what's involved in offering our customers the best possible service, along with unbeatable rates for photocopier/printer leasing, rental and purchase.  Market leaders in photocopier leasing, we offer great deals.  So call Paragon today, and put your faith in us.  You won't be sorry!  We won't try to tempt you into something that isn't right for you, or tie you into a lease with hidden costs, as other leasing companies often do. Our photocopier leasing agreements offer you 1 to 5 year lease periods, deferred payments of 6 months and the option of ownership at the end of the lease agreement.  Our flexible photocopier leasing services also allow you the option of upgrading your lease should your circumstances change at any point during the leasing period.

Leasing a Toshiba Copier: The Cons

As we all know, nothing is free!  Initial outlays for photocopiers are still costly, however good a deal you receive, and even though you certainly get value for money with Toshiba range of copiers. What's more the supplies related to a copier's operation can work out to be ultra-expensive too. In fact, the three major contributors to expense are typically toner, drums and the fuser. Certainly toner is a regular, costly expense. Because of this, you'll often find consumables, including paper, staples and other supplies, as part of a standard lease. The cost of these things usually comes under the cost per "click," (ie, the count measurement for printing on which leases are usually based).  Lease contracts which include a large degree of 'free goods and services', will often mean a higher per click fee, meaning you'll pay for those supplies time and time again, in fact, every time you print.  This could result in an unaffordable cost for smaller enterprises, or if your office has really large print volumes.

Paragon comment:

Paragon Comment Again you have highlighted many things that people should be aware of before leasing, renting or buying a copier outright.  It makes perfect sense to weigh up any costs that could affect your decision.  However, we at Paragon pride ourselves in guiding you every step of the way, whether you decide to rent, lease or buy your Toshiba copier through us.  Our highly trained staff will not only advise you on all of our very flexible contracts, making sure that you know what you are getting into, but also help you to select the most cost efficient, Toshiba models on the market today, all tailored to your specific needs. We can ease the pressure, providing you with a comprehensive knowledge of what's available to you and the true costs involved.  No pressurised sales pitch, no hoodwinking you, just an honest and trustworthy rental and leasing service, giving you the best, from the best.  That's Paragon.  And just one more thing… since beginning trading in 2002, Paragon have enjoyed a 95% customer retention rate, which speaks volumes about the high standards of leasing/rental services that we provide. So why not contact us today to discuss all your photocopier leasing needs, or email info@paragon-ds.co.uk with any questions or queries you may have about our Toshiba photocopier leasing service.


Whatever make you opt for, and whatever the size of your company, you are better off with a reputable manufacturer and model, with specifications that are akin with your daily printing needs. It can be a false economy, and very tempting, to opt for a lower end model to save a few pounds. Yet while you save money initially on the purchase price, you'll ultimately spend more later on if this model doesn't fulfil your needs.  Leasing photocopiers certainly makes sense, but only if you're sure that your business will be capable of paying the monthly charge for the entire contract term. Photocopier leasing is an easy way to save thousands on the initial purchase, as it lessens the impact on your finances by spreading out the cost over time. Service agreements are another good reason why people go for photocopier leasing as opposed to direct purchase, because they include free service calls and cover major parts that break over time.

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