What should i look for when choosing a photocopier?

People say that size matters! But does it really? This article will consider several options for photocopiers available on the current market, along with providing objective advice to help you to make the choice that is right for you.

Years ago, having a photocopier was an expensive pipe dream for any business, let alone small companies on tight budgets! Fortunately, in recent years, modern multi-functional devices, are able to do everything, (apart from making the tea), have steadily declined in price, and now every business can enjoy the versatility and convenience of being able to produce business documents and marketing materials without having to visit the printers. So with this in mind, here are some suggestions about what to consider before choosing a photocopier, along with some of the pros and cons of large versus small.

What do I look for when choosing a photocopier?

1. Best Price?

This is crucial when deciding on which photocopier to choose, however price isn't always the main focus for many.  There is a multitude of products available today, so remember to shop around and get an idea of what you are likely to spend on the type of device that will suit your requirements.  Remember though, you will also be paying for the advanced features on any machine you choose, so if you don't need them, why pay extra? 

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We're here to support you in your selection and will give you comprehensive, unbiased advice about the photocopiers we deal in.  We can quote a competitive price to lease or buy the photocopier that is best suited to you.

2. Which Manufacturer?

Another important element when making your decision…  Obviously you will want the reliability of a well established manufacturer with a good reputation, rather than a 'Del Boy' type who can only offer second rate goods!

Look at independent reviews of the product you are interested in and make sure the manufacturer offers a good guarantee period.  If they don't, go elsewhere!  Also, check the manufacturer's customer reviews and testimonials..  

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We have an assortment of state of the art photocopiers from leading manufacturers; these include Canon, Kyocera and Toshiba.  The selection we provide vary from the small but mighty copiers, such as theCanon iRC5185i- 'intelligent, compact and secure', tothe 'high speed, high quality & environmentally conscious' Canon iR6880Ciwhich offers reliability for even the busiest working environments.   As a supplier, we have excellent relationships with these manufacturers and can call upon their 'in house' technical dept which gives ongoing support and technical updates to our own engineers.  

3. Copy Speed and Copy Volume- What are they?

Bear these things in mind before deciding which copier you buy. Copy speedinforms you about the speed at which the machine will produce copies. This is shown on product specifications as the number of copies per minute (cpm).  Think about how many copies you need to make every month, but also consider future growth.  Also take into account what the manufacturers recommendations are regarding the maximum monthly volume.  Check that your chosen copier will run at a suitable speed for your requirements.  If opting for a small photocopier, remember that they usually only copy in A4 size, so ensure you choose one that will copy to the size of paper you need.

Thecopy volumenumber indicates how many pages per month the photocopier has been designed to process.  Usually, photocopiers with lower copy speeds are designed to produce a lower number of copies per month.  The copy volume will grow in relation to the machine's speed.  When deciding on which one you need, try to establish how much it will be used and this should help you with your selection.

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If you feel that you are being bamboozled with figures and terminology, try talking to our product specialists who will discuss your needs and explain tricky ideas in a simplified way that you can understand!  In this way you can be sure that you will receive the photocopier that is perfect for your needs.

4.Networking Capability?

When thinking about a new photocopier, it is understandable that people want as many features as possible to justify their large outlay.  One feature to be aware of is the ability of today's photocopiers to communicate with a business' computer network. Once connected in this way, a photocopier becomes a useful tool which can then act as a printer, fax machine or scanner, thus killing three birds with one stone!  You should therefore take into account which operating systems you use before selection.  Usually, most of the larger sized machines come with this facility as standard.

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Many of the photocopiers we provide have the facility to let you to print from your PC to the photocopier.  This can save you pounds when compared to using inkjet or laser printers.

5. Are you compatible?

When considering adding a photocopier to your network, people sometimes omit to ensure that the equipment they have is compatible with the systems they run!  An easy mistake to make, yes, but expensive, so make sure that yours are!

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We are a leading supplier of photocopiers and printers, and our experienced staff will perform pre-installation surveys to ensure the photocopier you decide on is compatible with the network and software that you use.  For your total peace of mind, our dedicated staff, are on hand to guide you every step of the way to sort out any teething problems you may have.    

6. Various Payment Options: What are they?
A flexible alternative to buying is often leasing or renting the product you choose. Before choosing your photocopier supplier, think about the different payment options they offer.  Leasing frees up your money and provides a tax efficient way to obtain your product.  It also offers excellent upgrade options to ensure your equipment is kept fully up to date.

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We are the photocopier company you can trust.  If you want a first class, flexible photocopier leasing service, which allows you to take advantage of all the benefits that photocopier leasing can provide, then look no further and check us out.  You won't regret it!

7. After Sales Support?
An important factor when considering your product choice is what happens if it develops a fault?  With machines that have so many mechanical parts, there are numerous things that can go wrong, and you can be sure that whichever product you buy, you will need after sales support.  Many service agreements cover the cost for labour and parts, but some don't.  When choosing suppliers find out what support they give and how much this support will cost you!  Also check whether they have their own service engineers to service products or whether they farm this out!

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Here at Paragon we pride ourselves in our customer service and how we deal with emergencies.  We have a nationwide, 4 hour response time and should there be any problems, we guarantee to have a highly trained, skilled technician with you within 4 hours of placing your call.

  • Conclusion

So, you now know what you should be asking and the research that you need to do, to get the product that is exactly right for you.  Ultimately, if you're a small business with limited space and finances, the small but mighty photocopiers are probably right for you.  They will still provide you with reliability but on a smaller scale.  However, if you require something more meatier and substantial for a larger company then there are plenty of such giants on the market that will do everything short of flying!

Contact Paragon Document Solutions to see the wide range of photocopiers we offer for lease, both large and small. From the small, compact versions which will save you space and money, to the larger, more mightier, versions, all of which offering you some fabulous features. 

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