Welcome to 2017. Is it time to upgrade your photocopier?

Happy new year & welcome to 2017.

Unfortunately, time to return to the office… will there be the inevitable problems with computer glitches?  Will the office photocopier or printer still function when it's needed most?  Will you need to call the photocopier repair man 20 minutes after entering the office?  Hopefully, none of these scenarios will occur, but in case they do, take the advice of every good Scout and…. 'Be Prepared!'

Should the worst happen and you need to consider photocopier repairs or printer maintenance services, or you are looking at buying or leasing a new photocopier, then you need to ensure you call Paragon for the very best price but also the best service.

Consider photocopier leasing rather than buying, it works out cheaper

Photocopier leasing or printer rental can be a viable, cost effective way of meeting your copying needs, rather than outright purchase.  In leasing, you can help to spread the cost of ownership and also ensure that everything continues to run smoothly, as many leases include a maintenance plan.  Generally leases refer to a longer term rental period, whereas short term photocopier rental is certainly more flexible, but expect to pay more than you would for a normal lease. 

A few benefits of leasing include;

  • Tax Efficiency

Leasing is more tax efficient than outright buying.  When buying, companies usually write this off as a capital expense and can therefore only claim a certain percentage of this back against profits, whilst copier leasing/rental agreements can be 100% offset against pre-tax profits.  

  • Fixed Costs

When you rent or lease your photocopier or printer, there's a fixed, monthly cost, agreed with your supplier, making it easier to factor into your yearly budgeting. Leasing contracts often include the costs of installation, maintenance, other office equipment and even staff training, which further reduces your capital outlay.

  • No Capital Outlay

Often the prospect of spending thousands of pounds on a new photocopier isn't feasible for many companies, especially if they are keeping a close eye on their cash flow.  In today's financial climate it is important to preserve your credit, making leasing agreements the tool to help you to reduce the risks involved with large capital expenditures.

  • Ability to upgrade

As your business grows, your need to keep abreast with technology grows too. If you lease rather than buy your copier, many suppliers allow you to upgrade to a more 'up market' model to meet your demands.  Expect an increase in your monthly costs, although you won't need to worry about finding the capital to finance a new machine or have the hassle of selling the old one!

  • Flexible lease period

Good suppliers offer lease periods from anywhere between 1 to 5 years and will tailor this to suit your requirements. Short term hire agreements of 6 months and below should also be available for businesses that have more temporary needs.

  • Paragon Comment

Paragon Document Solutions are the photocopier leasing company in London.  We are a fully authorised dealer, offering premium photocopier leasing services along with exceptional products, dealing in only the best manufacturers with a reputation of excellence, reliability and state of the art technology.  Offering a wide range of Canon photocopiers, Toshiba photocopiers, Kyocera photocopiers and Konica photocopiers, Paragon is impossible to beat on price, as our Price Match Promise ensures you will receive the best deal without having the hassle of shopping around to see what other providers can offer.  In fact we are often much cheaper than our competitors, whilst not skimping on service.

Our flexible photocopier leasing service helps you to take advantage of all the benefits photocopier leasing can provide.  With over 50 years of collective industry experience, we know how to offer clients the best customer service possible. Paragon is a market leader in photocopier leasing, offering great deals, not just on photocopier leasing, but on a range of other services too

Our photocopier leasing agreements offer you 1 to 5 year lease periods, deferred payments of 6 months and the option of ownership at the end of the lease agreement.  Our service also allows you the option to upgrade your lease at any time during the leasing period, should your circumstances change.

Looking for change in 2017? Switch to Paragon & get the photocopier leasing service you deserve

So if you are dissatisfied with the service of your current provider, your existing lease contract is coming to an end or you are simply considering leasing a new photocopier, then the New Year is an ideal time for, perhaps, a change of provider. Switch to Paragon today.

Whether you lease or buy a photocopier, it's worth approaching the prospective dealer using these key questions before making a final decision on which new provider to choose.

  • What makes and models do you stock?
  • What are the minimum and maximum hire periods?
  • Can the initial hire period be extended?
  • Can I buy or lease the machine at the end of the hire period?
  • Does the cost include service and support and do you offer free delivery and installation?
  • In the event of a breakdown how quickly can you get out to fix it and are all technicians fully trained?

The saying, 'a little knowledge goes a long way', proves so very true in many ways, but particularly when your hard-earned cash is involved.  In following the points above you won't go far wrong and you'll be able to enjoy that first day back in the office.

Paragon Comment

Valuable advice here to consider, when looking for the best provider.  In switching to Paragon, you won't be disappointed.  We'll give you advice on everything from the manufacturer that you choose, to the budget you'll need for photocopier leasing.  We'll fully explain the agreement terms, clearly identifying what's included and what's not and guiding you on the approach needed to get the leasing agreement best for you.  With free delivery and installation on every photocopier or printer, switching to Paragon means you'll receive the best of everything; on price, service and support.

You'll get one dedicated consultant as your primary contact for any queries.  We'll supply the most current innovation on the market at the time your leasing agreement begins.  And should there be a problem with your machine, we'll get to you swiftly, within 4 hours Nationwide, 2 hours within London.

Our highly trained, experienced technicians have the knowledge, tools and parts to repair fast and efficiently. They'll tackle any size job, from print quality issues & paper jams to hardware & software faults.

So if you are unhappy with your existing photocopier contract or leasing agreement, we can help! After listening to customers opinions on previous suppliers, highlighting the extensive small print, hidden extra costs, un-breakable contract clauses, below-par equipment and slow service, leaving them totally disgruntled and out of pocket, we have acted to ensure none of this will happen when you switch to Paragon.  We have therefore designed our "club class customer service" so as to avoid these issues. 

If 'yes' is the answer to the following questions, then Paragon is the photocopier leasing provider for you.

  • Are you unhappy with your current lease provider and stuck in a contract you're unhappy with?
  • Do you want to update your existing equipment, but are currently bound by a leasing contract?
  • Is your current service agreement too expensive and are you disappointed with the standard of service?
  • Do you want to pay off your current lease and move to a more reliable company?
  • Is your existing equipment no longer suitable for your requirements?

By making the switch to Paragon you'll really notice the difference.   Start by contacting one of our photocopier experts who'll give you unbiased advice on your existing contract and help you every step of the way in making the switch to a better, more flexible & less expensive Paragon service.  What's more, switching couldn't be easier as we'll do all the work for you!  Provide us with a few details and Paragon will manage the switch entirely, assisting you in ending your lease early, should you need to.

Paragon will help you to calculate the settlement figure using a copy of your existing leasing agreement. We'll also advise you on what to do if you have an existing service agreement, doing all the leg work for you and ensuring the termination fee you pay your previous provider is as little as possible.

If your financial commitments are too high with your current provider, and you are looking to reduce your outgoings, compare what you already pay with that of Paragon and see our vastly reduced costs, yet with a far better service.  Switch to Paragon & you'll not only save money, but also get a service agreement that is unsurpassed.

Our affordable lease agreements are second to none and our all-inclusive maintenance contracts will comprehensively cover your printer & copier requirements.

Our 'Free range agreements', mean we don't have to lock our customers into a legally binding contract to make them stay with us!  Our 95% retention rate of customers will vouch for that! 

So if you make only one New Year's resolution this year, make it switching to Paragon, we are the best photocopier leasing company in London contact us today.

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