Printer Leasing - 3 Reasons Why Leasing's the Best Option

Thinking of choosing printer leasing? There are several good reasons why it's the right option for your business.

Printers are a must for all businesses, large or small. Buying IT equipment can be expensive, however, so it makes sense to look at the other options available to you. Leasing comes as second nature to most companies, particularly when it comes to large equipment or vehicles, but it can be equally cost-effective for smaller items. That's why photocopier and printer leasing is increasingly popular.

Why You Should Consider Printer Leasing

Printer leasing gives you the flexibility you need to run your business efficiently and effectively. Whether you're already leasing a printer and you're looking for a better deal, or you've decided to look into printer leasing in order to cut your costs, here are three great reasons to consider leasing as soon as possible:

1. Latest models - by leasing a printer, you can have access to the latest models on the market - something that may be beyond your means as an outright purchase. A faster, more efficient printer will help your office to run smoothly. Today's top-of-the-range printers do far more than just print, so you'll be able to scan, photocopy and more when you choose to lease.

2. Peace of mind - with printer leasing, there's no need to worry about anything else. The responsibility for servicing and maintaining the printer stays with the leasing company, so whilst you have an obligation to look after the printer, any problems will be sorted out with a phone call. Regular maintenance is included in the lease price and you won't have to rely on an outside IT company to put you in their diary, or waste valuable time trying to fix things yourself.

3. Cost savings - once you buy a printer, it begins to depreciate. When you think it's time to buy a new model, you'll have to pay out all over again without really being able to redeem any value from your existing printer. When you choose printer leasing, however, you simply have an ongoing monthly lease cost - no capital expenditure and no money going to waste. When you want to upgrade your printer, just talk to your leasing company, who can take away the old printer and install a new one for you.

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