Printer Lease - Why you need it

So, you think you can do without printer leasing?

If you've been handling your own printing costs for some time, you may think that printer lease isn't for you. Perhaps you think it will be more expensive or that you'll lose control over some of the aspects of printing that are most important to you. In fact, a tailored printer lease package could save you time and money, in a number of ways.

How to know if you need printer lease

To find out whether printer lease is something you should look into, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I spend a lot of my time sorting out printing?

If you're in charge of all your company's printing, do you spend a lot of time trying to source different printing quotes, arranging printer repairmen for old faulty machinery and struggle keep up to date with modern print needs? If the answer is "yes", you need to consider using printer lease services. You will still be in overall charge of your printers, but all the maintenance, repair and replacement will be handled by your printer lease company, who will have the equipment and experience to find the best people for each job.

Do I spend a lot of money on printing?

Printing can be expensive, particularly if you are running a business that relies on leaflets and brochures in order to achieve sales. You can try to cut your printing bill yourself by getting several quotes or reducing the quality of your paper, but bad printing and poor paper gives a poor impression and you could be damaging your company's reputation. Printer lease allows you to stop thinking about the best way to reduce costs, because your printer will do that for you. Being able to lease a high quality printer with affordable monthly payments prevents your business from using up its entire expenditure for the year on one printer that will be outdated by the time you have paid for it.

Should I be concentrating more on buying the best machinery?

It's often the case that purchasing the best printer on the market wastes money unnecessarily. A printer lease company can tailor a package to your needs and find the best printer for you and the best printer for your needs right now. If you're a member or a leader of a marketing team, you're wasting your expertise if you're always organising the printing services. Leave that to the printer lease experts so that you can concentrate on making your printing as effective as possible.

Even if just one of these questions rings a warning bell, you should talk to the professionals about how printer lease could help. You may benefit from efficient and even potentially cheaper printing in the future. Paragon Document Solutions is delighted to be considered one of the leading providers of printer lease services in the UK. With years of experience, Paragon Document Solutions is well suited to meeting their customer's specific needs and go that extra mile to ensure that goals are achieved. Paragon Document Solutions pride themselves on providing their customers with cost effective solutions to their printing needs. To find out more about printer lease and photocopier lease services, browse the website online today.

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