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Printer leasing is usually more beneficial than buying a printer outright especially when it comes to high end office printers and photocopiers. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons, so making the right decision for you is vitally important. An objective look is what you need, to enlighten you with all the facts, so that you can make informed choices.

What are the advantages of printer leasing

  1. Through leasing a printer you'll avoid the significant outlay which will be needed to buy your printer outright.  Ultimately, even though you'll pay more in the long run when you lease your printer, this is a good way of financing your office equipment so that your capital doesn't become tied up, and can be used more flexibly for other business opportunities. What benefit is there in paying out in one lump sum, when leasing enables you to make smaller, regular payments, which you are able to manage better? 
  2. If you want to save money with tax, as we all do, printer leasing can be a sensible option because it reduces the amount you pay, as you can deduct the cost as a business expense.  This therefore reduces the net cost of leasing your printer. If you buy a printer outright, for example, for the first year you can only claim 40% of the total cost and 25% of the outstanding balance from then on.  However, leasing means you negate the need to pay the total immediately,and you can claim back everything that you pay out for the in the lease.
  3. We all know that office equipment doesn't last indefinitely, and printers do deteriorate and need updating periodically.  If you own your printer, to upgrade means a further major outlay, often putting a strain on company finances.  What's more you will need to dispose of it too, which can be a major headache!  When you lease, this problem is eradicated, as good providers will allow you to update and replace your equipment with the latest technology, at a very reasonable price. This gives you the option to upgrade and replace, without costing you a fortune.
  4. Should you lease an all singing, all dancing, multifunction machine, which prints, scans, faxes and is also a photocopier, you will also benefit from leasing, as to replace all these items individually would be ultra-expensive, so it makes sense to update them all in one go, rather than soldiering on with outdated equipment.

So, how does printer leasing work?

When you lease a printer, or indeed, anything, a contract is drawn up between the customer and a finance company.  This will give you use of the equipment over a period of time, providing you make regular payments. These payments are usually quarterly, and will replace the large capital outlay that you would otherwise have had, when buying outright.  When you lease, opt for what suits you best.  Leasing arrangements should be flexible and vary from short term leases up to 5 years, thus enabling you to make payments that you can afford, tailoring the lease to your own requirements.  You should then get modern equipment which will increase your productivity, providing you with better returns.  

A few tips about printer leasing

  1. Check it out first!  When selecting your printer remember to ask for a demonstration of how each machine works.  Check for ease of use, print quality and reliability, to make sure you are satisfied about the model you are buying.
  2. If you are a small business and make less than 700 copies a month, you would probably be better off buying a multifunction laser printer or a small desktop printer, which would be less costly overall.  In this case there is little need to lease.
  3. When you lease, remember the equipment never belongs to you. The financier has the title to the goods.  This said, it gives you an advantage when the equipment begins to become outdated.  You can ensure you keep up with the latest technology by changing and updating your equipment towards the end of your lease.

So is it for me?

Now you've heard the facts, it's up to you to weigh up what is right for your business although many companies do take advantage of printer leasing.  Whether you need a large multi-functional device for a big conglomerate, or a mid-to-high volume printer for smaller businesses, you can keep a tighter control of your budget and also benefit from the tax perks and upgrade possibilities if you lease, rather than buy. To ensure you make the choice that is right for you, always ensure that you get professional advice before you enter into any contract.

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