Print artifacts and printer rental

Inevitably there are times when problems arise with printers. In this article we will be considering some of the ‘Artifacts’ which may arise, how to deal with them & how renting a printer from us helps. This does not, as some of you may think, link to ancient works of art or objects of archaeological interest, but refers to any anomaly which occurs during the visual representation of digital graphics during printing.

Print artifacts: 

This can be anything that looks wrong or out of place.  It often means the printer is incapable of doing what you need it to, in which case it's time to check out other models, or it's incapacitated by some sort of problem. Perhaps the problem in question could be a generic problem with that particular model.  In this case search the Web for any complaints that indicate the problem is chronic and perhaps related to the manufacturer, rather than, say, poor maintenance on the part of store staff.

Common artifacts:

1. Banding:

This is a term that many people tend to use interchangeably to cover three very different problems.

Firstly there is colour banding.  This is caused by an inability to render enough shades of a given colour to produce a smooth result.

Secondly, print head banding appears as alternating horizontal bands on the image, which occurs when the print density is different on left-to-right passes than on right-to-left passes of the print head.

Lastly, if you see discoloured lines stretching horizontally across the page, it indicates a clogged nozzle in the print head.  

So what's the prognosis?

If colour banding is present, it indicates that a printer is simply limited in what it can do.  However with print head banding it suggests that you would probably have more luck with a replacement unit of the same type. The third type of banding suggests that there is probably a temporary problem with the unit.

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Instead of heading to Google why not head to us?  We can provide you with all the information and guidance that you need with regard to any problems and pitfalls when choosing a printer or photocopier.  We'll give you objective, unbiased advice about the best models to choose for your price range, along with any glitches or disadvantages that we are aware of with the model in question.  Paragon, are the printer rental and leasing company that you can trust.  Our experienced staff  have a vast knowledge about all the makes and models that are available to you.  We deal only in leading manufacturers such as Cannon, Toshiba and Kyocera, which are renowned for their reliable products and excellent warranties, should anything go wrong.  So if you do experience any problems, they can be dealt with fast and efficiently, thus being easily rectified.      

2. Problems with paper

Some artifacts may be related to specific types of paper.  

When printing on glossy paper, check to see if all the colours look shiny or do the blacks perhaps look matte and flat?

Do they appear bronze? Does the ink bleed too much on plain paper, making the photos look rather muddy?  Some experimentation may be needed to ensure you achieve the best results for your particular machine.  A good printer stockist should not only advise you on the machine, but also on the amount of ink it will use and the best paper to select, to give optimum performance.

3. Costing Problems

So what will my new printer really cost me?

Many people make the error of purchasing a printer without actually considering how much they will cost to run. The prices of personal printers often look rather inviting, especially those models which cost less than £100. However bear in mind that the initial purchase price is only just the beginning!

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Sometimes 'cheap as chips' isn't the most cost effective option, even though it may seem that way at the outset.  The price of feeding and care of a printer often quickly exceeds the original price.  So before going to the till and parting with your hard earned money, be sure to compare the costs of any consumables.  Take inks and toners as an example.  Inkjets are the least expensive printers available on the market, with many makes and models starting at less than £100. However, specialty papers and replacement inks can drive up the cost of ownership and thus negate the initial savings you thought you had made!

Ink usually costs between £12 and £20 per cartridge and lasts between 100 to 800 pages for the higher-capacity models. Pricier printers, however, are more economical to operate, because they have higher capacity ink tanks which are separate for each colour so that you don't need to replace everything when only one colour runs out.

Alternatively, laser printers with toner cartridges vary greatly in not only price, but also yield and print capabilities.  Toner cartridges range from as much as £200 for higher capacity cartridges, used for networked, work horse laser printers, whilst toners for personal laser printers are more moderately priced at around £10 for a small cartridge. So toner costs for these high end printers may seem high, but then so is the yield.   Typically, cartridges will print between 2,500 and 10,000 pages, although there are claims that some will print as many as 30,000, so cost per page is only a few pence for text and very little more for images.  One word of warning though, don't forget to check for expiry dates, rather like you would for groceries, as some makes of cartridge will stop working at a set time, no matter how much ink is left!  Leaving you high and dry!

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Some good advice here, and a lot to bear in mind!  For the uninitiated, or indeed the experienced buyer, there are always things to consider when making your choice.  We, at Paragon, can talk you through the specifications on all our products, along with providing details on prices, to ensure you get the printer that suits your requirements.  We'll give you a pre-sales and after-sales service that is second to none.  This includes a four hour nationwide call out service, replacement inks and toners, a dedicated support team of engineers who will provide a professional installation along with giving you personal tuition and guidance about how to use the appliance to its best effect.  What's more, our price match promise ensures that you pay no more than you need to.  We will match any quote from our competitors, ensuring that you get the best deal.  Furthermore, if you decide you would rather rent your printer or lease your photocopier, we also have this option available to.  Why not contact us today and find out more.

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