Photocopier toner cartridges - Quality VS Price

'You only get what you pay for.' These words have come back to haunt me time after time, on making very unwise purchases that didn’t stand the test of time. Undoubtedly, everyone enjoys finding a bargain to make savings, me included. However, when buying items which you consider to be 'cheap', you may think you are onto a winner, yet could ultimately come unstuck with shoddy goods.

Beware sub-standard photocopier and printer toner cartridges

A typical example of this is when you buy new printer or photocopier toner cartridges.

There are many cheaper, cut price cartridges available on today's market and although these do at first, appear to be excellent value, you could come to regret your purchase when, several prints later,  they turn out to be substandard.

Here we will consider whether price is the only factor when selecting new photocopier and  printer cartridges… quality versus price.

There are many excellent suppliers of toner solutions out there, selling high quality eco-friendly remanufactured ink and toner cartridges. I expect that these suppliers have heard everything on the subject of printer cartridges from their customers, but essentially, the main factor that keeps rearing its ugly head is cost.  You know the story - supplier gives a prospective customer a price quote and they come back saying, "I can get this same cartridge for £X amount on line, can you match that price?"

Paragon comment

Yes that's right! We often receive calls like this, asking about whether we'll match internet prices. The photocopier leasing & document solutions market is intensely competitive and prices between companies do fluctuate markedly.  To make your life easier, saving time and energy searching the market for the best quote, Paragon Document Solutions offers a simple Price Match Promise.  This assurance means we'll match any quote from our competitors. However, as we only deal in the highest quality cartridges, we do need to inform you that this price promise refers to those that we deal in, not those that are offered by less reliable sources!

Other questions you need to ask before purchasing your new cartridges

  • Do you care if there is a warranty on the product?
  • Is there an easy to use return policy?
  • Can I get hold of a live person to talk to if there is a problem?
  • What am I buying? Is it just the old drill & fill method or is it a core that has been completely disassembled, new parts installed, filled with the highest quality toner and then tested to make sure it works?

Paragon can certainly answer 'yes' to all the above questions!

Yes, all our products have full warranties

  • Yes, we have an excellent returns policy
  • Yes, our experienced staff are always available for you to talk to
  • Yes, all our extensive range of cartridges are tried and tested.

However, if none of the above concerns you then by all means go ahead and buy the cheapest printer cartridge you can find, even though you'll probably regret it!

A few tips to consider before buying photocopier toner cartridges:

  1. Know what you're spending on your cartridges. Then compare that to the price you are looking at on line. Is it worth taking a chance if the cartridge fails? Do you buy your cartridges as you need them? If so, are you prepared to wait weeks to get a replacement for a defective toner?  Ensure you read the returns policy of the company you are thinking of buying from, if you can find it.  Reputable businesses have easily accessible returns policies.  Others though, aren't so consumer friendly.  Firstly you'll need to contact them, informing them what's wrong and wait to get the RMA from them.  Once done, it's your responsibility to package/post the defective item.  (Note that it could take between 7 - 10 days to process, and you'll then probably ask why it needs to take that long to determine if it's a faulty toner or not.) If the company do eventually decide that the cartridge was defective, they'll then finally forward a replacement toner back to you, using the cheapest method possible. Yet should you need a quicker, next day delivery, what do you know? You'll have to pay the extra cost! Incredibly, some sites even say that to get a return, you must send the cartridge back in the original box! Yet how many of us keep the box?
  2. Before you buy, try calling the company.  If you can't find a number don't buy from them!  Reputable firms want their customers to be able to contact them, so will have clearly displayed contact details.  Yet less reputable sites don't and are merely intent on making the sale.  By making a call and talking to someone, you'll get a reasonable impression on how you'll be treated.  Remember to ask about important details such as delivery time to your location, returns policy details, warranty, and how it takes to get a replacement.
  3. Finding a bargain is always great, yet even though you'll have saved maybe 15 - 20% on your purchase, you'll wonder if it was worth it when your time is taken up through having to deal with poor quality and service.  So weigh up the disadvantages against any savings you may make.

Paragon Comment:

Paragon realises it's imperative to keep your photocopiers & printers running, so we despatch replacements immediately and deal with the return after the event.  We know that if your printer or photocopier goes down and you have to wait ages to get going again, it won't be good for either your business or, indeed, us. It would damage our customer relations, which we prize so dearly.  That's why Paragon Document Solutions does its utmost to remove all the hassle out of buying your printer cartridges. We'll not only provide the best quality and service but at the most competitive prices!  So for more details on everything we can provide and our great service, contact us or email us directly via

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