Photocopier Repair & Maintenance Services

When photocopiers or printers breakdown, not only do they cause headaches within the day to day running of an office, but they can also be costly to repair.

It is vital therefore to ensure you have a good photocopier repair services and a photocopier maintenance service contract in place.  Making this common practise, for more expensive items like photocopiers is certainly a wise move and will ultimately save you not only the disruption that accompanies lost working hours due to repairs, but money too!

Photocopier maintenance service contracts involve paying a pre-arranged monthly fee, for which someone else assumes the responsibility of ensuring the photocopier is kept in good working order.  They should not only repair the device when needed, but should also service it regularly and maintain it, hence the term 'maintenance contract.' Should you lease your photocopier or rent your printer, it is likely your provider will include a maintenance service agreement with your lease.

Before taking out a photocopier repair and maintenance service contract, consider the points below,

  • Does the contract include the cost of both parts/labour if the photocopier needs to be repaired?
  • Is the fee you pay based on the volume of usage or is it a fixed fee that covers everything?
  • How long will it take to send out a technician to repair my copier?
  • Does my monthly fee include the provision of consumables (toner, ink, etc), or is this supplied at extra cost?

Shop around and read reviews from people who have used this provider.  Although some appear cheaper, you may find that their service is lacking, or they have hidden costs, making them more expensive.

What are the typical photocopier repair service contract terms that I can expect?

  • Typical providers of photocopier repair service contracts will charge fixed monthly fees with additional charges for each page printed over your agreed limit. This is done because rarely used machines obviously require less maintenance and consumables than one that is heavily used. Price plans range from a high monthly fee where copier usage is unlimited, to lower monthly fees where lower copier limits will apply.
  • Good photocopier repair service contracts will provide guaranteed response times, usually within 2 to 4 hours; they should provide experts who can do on site repairs where possible, or provide another machine should yours need to be taken away for more in depth problems.
  • Photocopier repair service contracts should stipulate who'll pay for the parts/labour and if there are circumstances where this will change. Providers vary considerably on this factor, as much depends on who owns the copier and whether it has been bought /leased from them. There are many good deals, so consider this when deciding whether to buy or lease your photocopier.

Is there an alternative to taking out a photocopier maintenance service contract?

There are several alternatives although these apply to less expensive machines where service contracts wouldn't be economically viable.  In these cases, you could try to take out an extended warranty when you buy your copier, although these cover far less and could result in your photocopier being sent away for repair, rather than being repaired quickly on site by a technician, resulting in long delays and office disruption.

Another alternative for cheaper machines, or those that are used well below their capacity, could be to opt for a 'pay as you go' contract, meaning that you don't pay unless your copier needs some attention. The downside though, is that both repair and call-out fees are high, which could cost you more.

Conclusion: As long as you choose someone reputable, look carefully into what you'll be paying and what you'll expect for your money, then photocopier repair, maintenance and service contracts are indispensable. They'll provide peace of mind, knowing that your repairs/servicing are covered, but also benefit you in the reduced office disruption caused through lengthy repairs. 

Paragon Comment: You need a reputable, trustworthy provider when taking out a photocopier repair and maintenance service contract.  We, at Paragon Document Solutions, know that any interruption in the regular operation of your printer/ photocopier can impede important tasks and cost you time and money. That's why we offer a first class photocopier repair service and printer repair service at competitive prices, to both businesses and home users, ensuring that any issues you experience are resolved onsite as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Why choose Paragon?

✔  Competitive prices- check out our Price Match Promise
✔  Onsite photocopier repairs & 2 hour response times within London (4 Hours Nationwide)
✔  All major manufacturers, photocopier and printer types covered and supported
✔  Business and home users covered
✔  Option of a loan machine
✔  Maintenance contract and upgrades available

Paragon's experienced engineers provide onsite photocopier repairs & printer repair services covering all the major manufacturers.  Priding themselves on quick response times/reliability, our engineers tackle any size job quickly and efficiently, from print quality issues to other, more major faults.  If an onsite repair isn't possible, Paragon will ensure you can run your operations as usual, so offer a loan machine to keep you running normally until we can repair your photocopier or repair printer.

If you find that your photocopier / printer is spending more time in repair than in operation, you may want to consider either leasing a new photocopier from us or signing up to our all-inclusive photocopier maintenance service contract, which comprehensively covers your printer & photocopier repairs.

Paragon has a 95% retention rate with our existing customers, so why not check out some of our customer testimonials.  Contact us today to discuss all your photocopier repair and photocopier maintenance requirements. We'll happily answer any questions or queries you may have about our products and services.

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