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Following on from our last blog, which looked into the benefits of leasing a photocopier, we’ll now think about a few tips on copier leasing to help to guide you through.

Just by looking at the prices of even mid-range business copiers, (which often cost anywhere between £4,000 to £10,000, with higher-end models reaching £35,000 or more), we know that buying is an expensive proposition.  Furthermore, we also know that copiers are notorious for needing frequent service, due to things interfering with the sensitive machinery. For these reasons therefore, copier leasing is a more attractive proposition for many businesses.  In fact, a recent survey shows that 55% of businesses prefer leasing their copiers.

With small enterprises, their primary reason to lease is financial, as leasing allows them to avoid the vast sums needed to buy outright. Also, as technology is changing at such a fast rate, good photocopier leases will include the option to trade up to a more up to date model, thus giving an upgrade which is painless!  Also, many leases give you the financial flexibility to walk away, if you can't afford ongoing monthly payments. Lastly, good leasing companies will include a service contract that will help ensure you copier is always running as expected.

Service agreements:

One key benefit of photocopier leasing is that leasing companies will include the maintenance required to ensure your copier keeps running smoothly, including "parts" and labour. Before signing your lease agreement, make sure you get a comprehensive list of what is and is not covered so you can compare plans accurately.

And now to the consumables like paper and toner!  These are hardly ever included in standard service agreements.

Emergency repairs:

Service agreements should cover the costs of most emergency repairs - however, exactly what's covered can vary from vendor to vendor! Finally, don't forget to ask about loaner service, too.  Good leasing companies will provide you with a replacement copier of equal or higher specifications if yours requires significant repairs.

Know which features you need:

Don't get drawn into an expensive contract that provides more than your small business actually needs. Explore options that can give you an idea for the features you'll need while demonstrating the basics of a copier.

Don't be too brand-conscious: 

There are numerous brands to choose between when looking to lease a copier, including Toshiba, Canon and Kyocera, along with many more. In almost every case, the features and specs of the copier are more important to the success of your lease than the actual brand on the machine. However, if you intend to lease multiple copiers, it makes sense to stick to one brand, as this simplifies any ongoing maintenance, also making it easier for your users to switch between different machines when needed.

Have a test drive first:

When deciding between two or three copying machines to lease, ask the vendor to bring the machines along for a demo. If an 'in-house' demo isn't possible, make a visit to Paragon to see how the machines work.

Protect any critical data:

Here's just something to think about when leasing multifunction machines, which print and copy.  Today's modern printers routinely save the documents they're printing or copying on their internal hard drives. At the end of your lease, make sure you reset the storage so that none of your confidential information is put at risk. Then you can return it, knowing that you have protected any critical data that needs to stay safe!

  • Paragon comment:

Some excellent tips here for you to consider when leasing.  Paragon Document Solutions specialise in photocopier leasing and printer rental, which can be tailored specifically to your ongoing needs.  Our price match promise ensures that you get the very best deal at the very best price!  We have centres nationwide, which are just a phone call away. We are authorised Canon, Kyocera and Toshiba approved partners, specialising in the selling, leasing and rental of copiers and printers. 

Paragon's copier and rental solutions offer…

  • 1 to 5 year lease periods
  • Deferred payments of 6 months and the option of ownership at the end of the lease agreement.
  • Flexible leasing service, allowing you the option of upgrading your lease should your circumstances change at any point during the leasing period
  • Fast delivery and installation/ setup
  • All your servicing and maintenance costs covered
  • Full training and support on all photocopier leases/rentals
  • Everything supplied (paper not included) when you rent / lease
  • Rental / lease packages tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Our own fully qualified, expert engineers, for fast, on site repairs
  • Competitive prices with our price match promise

So, put your faith in Paragon, the photocopier leasing and printer rental company that you can trust?  To see what others have to say about our service, why not check out some of our customer comments?

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