Photocopier leasing for London businesses

With business costs soaring due to high rates of premises, consumables and other expenditures, companies need to look at ways of reducing outgoings whilst increasing their profitability and output.

In London, this often proves more of a nightmare, due to the fierce competition from competitors and the higher costs which are connected to city life.

It makes sense, therefore, if you wish to make cuts to your overall bills, to look at your outgoings and other financial commitments and see if you can make significant savings by finding more 'canny' ways to make your money go further. 

It may seem obvious to an outsider looking in, but by making a few simple tweaks to your spending you could ultimately save hundreds if not thousands of pounds for your business.  The saying, "Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves", may be old but never wiser in today's financial climate.  Take, for example, the office, where waste can cost businesses untold expense, from the losses associated with over usage of electricity, paper, photocopying etc.  Simply turning off a light switch / radiator / photocopier when not in use, could save vast amounts of money, which could be ploughed back into the business.

Similarly, keeping outdated office equipment, like that old photocopier that just keeps rumbling on, yet is always in need of repair & leaks toner, could be a false economy were it to be looked at with a fresh set of eyes.  Repair costs alone are often astronomical, let alone the amount of power these old machines consume.

And so to the technical bit! A few "Did you Knows" 

  • Turning your photocopiers and printers from standby to off overnight can save enough energy to power both your LCD TV and your refrigerator at once!
  • Leaving your photocopier on standby overnight releases as much greenhouse gas over a year as driving from Cambridge to Paris and back again, and wastes enough energy to make 30 cups of tea.
  • A photocopier left on overnight uses enough energy to produce over 1500 copies and you'd need to plant 10 trees to offset the carbon produced by doing this!
  • If photocopiers are left on all day and are only used for 20% of that time, this will use about £350 worth of energy each year.

So to start you saving, why not consider buying or leasing a new, more environmentally friendly, photocopier or printer?  There is an array of super-economic photocopiers out there, which will ultimately help to save you money.  From photocopiers with an in built 'sleep mode' when not in use, to those 'greener' models that use significantly less electricity than their older, 'wattage heavy' counterparts. Yes, a new photocopier/printer will mean a significant outlay if you buy, although if you lease your appliance you won't have that huge, up front expense, you'll get tax relief and you can also spread the cost through a monthly leasing charge, thus freeing up your capital for other business ventures. 

Photocopier leasing can therefore be a very cost effective way of ensuring that your business increases its efficiency, whilst also providing some flexibility, should your situation change.  For example, you may find that you have outgrown your existing copier, which is perhaps only a year old, thus making it defunct.  In this case you could simply change your copier for something larger and just increase your lease, rather than forking out a huge amount for a replacement.  This is a major consideration if you are a small business wishing to expand.

The factors mentioned above do indeed apply to companies situated anywhere, not just within London.  However, they are vitally important within the capital as time really is money.  Within London, transport and time are the key factors which determine the success or failure of a business, so to reach you quickly when you are in need of help is a must.  As a business owner, you're probably aware that there are many competitors whose aim is to provide the best of… deliver deadlines before… undercut your prices etc.  London is a no holds barred 'dog eat dog' scenario, so if you can stay on top by improving your production and keeping your workplace functioning if there is a problem, then it's a win-win situation. 

Therefore if you choose a reputable photocopier, which is reliable, efficient and more cost effective, you are half way to making that successful business not only more competitive, but also more financially stable.  Alongside this, not only should you consider the best manufacturers / model of photocopier that can afford, but you also need to shop around for a good provider.  After all, what's the use of having an up to the minute device if there is no after sales service?  Hence, when looking for a decent photocopier provider in London, make sure you do your homework. 

A few top tips:

  • Does the photocopier leasing company offer a flexible photocopier leasing service which allows you the option of upgrading your lease should your circumstances change at any point during the leasing period?
  • Does the photocopier leasing company offer leasing agreements of 1 to 5 year lease periods, deferred payments of 6 months and the option of ownership at the end of the lease agreement.
  • Can the leasing company get to you quickly if there is a problem with your device?  (Ideally within 2 hours if the leasing company is within London.)
  • Can their experts deliver on-site photocopier repairs to get you up and running as quickly as possible?
  • If a repair isn't possible then is the leasing company prepared to offer you a replacement to keep your business functioning until yours is repaired?
  • Are the photocopiers they supply the most current models?
  • Do you get a personal consultant that you can contact should you experience a problem?
  • Are they a reputable leasing company, with a good reputation?

Paragon Comment

If you want advice about how to update and manage your document solution, including photocopiers and printers or managed print services, to keep your business thriving, then Paragon Document Solutions are here to help.  We are a local photocopier leasing company, operating within London and Nationwide.   

Many organisations have become increasingly aware in recent years of the need to implement more energy-efficiency measures, not only to raise profitability, but also to reduce carbon footprints.  Environmentally friendly photocopiers & printers are crucial to energy-saving and waste-reduction within businesses and this technology addresses the need for increased energy efficiency and financial savings. 

At Paragon we have a range of the latest photocopier and printer models from leading manufacturers like Canon photocopiers, Kyocera photocopiers, Konica Minolta photocopiers and Toshiba photocopiers, which include all the major energy-saving features mentioned above.

For all your document solution needs contact us today.

The following models are just a small selection of models available from Paragon.

This new, extremely easy to use photocopier combines amazing productivity and stunning colour quality with the latest Toshiba e-BRIDGE II technology.  Whether you wish to print, copy, scan, fax or e-mail, this model will serve all your document requirements. Producing brilliant colours and crystal clear text, images and graphics with an impressive speed of 25 ppm (colour) to 35 ppm, (b/w).  The finishing options on this machine negate the need for costly outsourcing.  The e-STUDIO3500c offers excellent security features, including private print, the standard AES encryption or the optional data overwrite kit.  A superb product.

The ultimate office colour printer with excellent print quality combined with a compact design. An easy to use A3 colour, multifunctional device, the Canon C3325i Image Runner Advance produces high quality colour communications, streamlining document workflows. For busy offices this device is ideal, as it utilises cost control features and stringent security. To control costs, it has smart user authentication which allows control of user access and rights, while providing visibility of usage through activity tracking reports. It prints, copies, scans and sends and has an optional, fax functionality. It reduces your total print costs with its award-winning capabilities for document publishing, device management and seamless document capture, whilst keeping your information secure. Its rapid scanning ability converts into a range of formats including Office Open XML PPT and Word, ready for digital re-use, whilst there are flexible mobile working solutions making it easy for mobile workers to print from or scan to their mobile devices.  The low maintenance design of the iR-ADV C3325i ensures less downtime thanks to easily replaceable consumables.  An excellent machine.

The new KM-C4035E multifunction device from Kyocera provides high quality output and productivity in one powerful machine. Combining a wealth of advanced functions with the versatility of colour, they are designed to cope with even the most diverse requirements of a modern business. It's impressive 40 ppm (b/w) and 35ppm (colour printing) comes with two-sided printing as standard, as does network printing and scanning in colour.  It has a 768MB copy memory as standard and a 40GB HDD which makes for an impressive machine.

This multifunction colour printer is ideal for high-speed output with 55 ppm print/copy speed in both colour and B&W, standard dual scanning for both colour and B&W at up to 240 originals per minute.  Its dual scanning at up to 240 opm brings information into your workflow fast.  It has a large 10.1" colour panel with a new mobile connectivity area and comes with 4 GB of memory and IWS/web browser as standard.  There are highlighted accessories including a 100-sheet staple finisher with optional 80-page booklet-making and accessories for 2/3-hole punching and folding in multiple patterns, and an optional Fiery image controller giving graphic-intensive applications state-of-the-art-colour image control.

In Conclusion, we are the best:

In answer to all the questions relating to what makes a good provider, here at Paragon we can answer each with a resounding YES!

  • Yes, we offer flexible photocopier leasing services which allow you the option of upgrading your lease should your circumstances change at any point during the leasing period. There are huge benefits to leasing your photocopier.
  • Yes,  we offer photocopier leasing agreements of 1 to 5 year lease periods, deferred payments of 6 months and the option of ownership at the end of the lease agreement.
  • Yes, we can get to you quickly if there is a problem with your photocopier or printer, within 2-hours if you are within London, and 4-hours Nationwide club class service.
  • Yes, our expert technicians will provide on-site photocopier & printer repairs to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.
  • Yes, if an on-site repair isn't possible then we will offer you a replacement machine until yours is working again.
  • Yes, all the machines we supply are the most innovative on the market today.
  • Yes, we give every client a dedicated, experienced, account manager, who can be contacted directly at any time, giving the peace of mind that comes only with the best service.
  • Yes, Paragon is second to none.  95% of our customers who return to us time and time again can vouch for that.
  • We even provide a Price Match Promise, ensuring you always get the best possible price!

We provide photocopier leasing & printer leasing for companies of any size in London & across the UK, all at an unbeatable price.

We can also handle all your office printer & photocopier requirements through our managed print services, making your document solutions more efficient and saving you money.  So why not give us a try? You won't regret it! Contact us today.

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