Multifunctional Printer Lease: All In One Solution

Choose multifunctional equipment and get more from your printer lease.

Business printing needs can differ from day to day. In order to be prepared for any printing eventuality, it makes sense to select equipment that can do more than one thing. Black and white printing is a thing of the past. Successful modern businesses know that they need to stay ahead of the competition with printers that do it all. A good printer lease company should be able to offer great colour copy along with a range of other useful functions to suit your needs. Whether you work from home or run an office, you need to make sure that you have all the technology you need in order to be efficient. A colour multifunction printer gives you the best of all worlds in a single piece of equipment.

Printer Leasing Services that Offer You More

A printer lease can be the perfect option for many businesses, offering an all-in-one solution to your printing, photocopying and scanning needs. Most offices today need colour printers rather than black and white. Whether you're printing out presentations or saving money by using a computer template letterhead rather than getting it from a stationer, colour printing using top quality machines gives you clear colour, clean lines and a professional image.

  • Speed - when time is of the essence, you need a printer lease that can deliver efficient equipment for the job. A speed of 30-40 pages per minute is ideal for office use, allowing you to create booklets, presentations or mail shots without monopolising the printer for hours.
  • Consistency - every page needs to look the same and a good colour multifunction printer gives you the opportunity to turn out consistently high-quality print. If you're producing colour documents on a regular basis, consistency of colour and print quality is vital.
  • Customising - A good printer lease company can accommodate every business need. Equipment can be chosen, tailored and upgraded as and when it is required by the company. With the right software, maintenance package and an understanding of the machine's capabilities, you can customise the print to your own requirements, allowing you to personalise documents with different words and images, depending on your needs.
  • Non-print functions - most colour multifunction printers incorporate other technologies such as scanning, photocopying and email capabilities. Using a machine that combines these options can save you money and space, making your office run more efficiently.

Multifunctional Printer Lease from Paragon

If you're looking for colour multifunction printers, talk to Paragon Document Solutions. We specialise in providing top quality printers and photocopiers to businesses around the country. With excellent printer lease deals as well as general sales, we are sure that we can help you find the right technology at the right price. Browse our website to take a look at the models we have on offer, or call us on 0845 521 1420.

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