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Whatever business you are in, you're undoubtedly aware that there has been a significant shift in recent years from paper- based documentation to digital, even though many companies still have a long way to go to create that 'paperless society' that has been so sought after for so long.

The printing environment in many offices is therefore moving swiftly forward to digitalise and consolidate all their important information. This though, whilst ultimately being a good thing, has often resulted in major implications, in respect of data security, escalating business costs and the efficiency of the workforce.  Business documents, whether paper or digital, are a vital part of a company's systems. They help to serve customers and drive business forward.  However, inefficient printing systems are increasingly responsible for eating into huge chunks of a company's finances, and time being spent on document processes and printing devices.  To quote statistics here and say that staggeringly 40% of employers actually underestimate the costs of their business copying/printing.  In fact, a huge percentage of this 40% don't even have a clue what it's costing!  Yet by gaining control of your documents you can save as much as 30%. 

Obviously employers want to control all their outgoings, so that the savings they make can promote more capital to enhance business' growth.  It's therefore sensible for a company to manage its printing output whenever it can, enabling them to avoid the day to day management of printers, which inevitably takes the valuable workforce away from the job they were employed for!  Through consolidating your print into just one totally integrated infrastructure, all these headaches and complications can be avoided, enabling you to monitor and control your print processes, which will in turn reduce your overall costs.

One way that your business can take control of this area is to consider something called Managed Print Services (MPS).

So what are Managed Print Services?

The phrase seems pretty complicated, but simply put, it is basically gaining sight and controlling your printing and photocopying costs, which ultimately saves you money and will help to boost your productivity. MPS also helps you to improve document security, along with addressing important environmental issues. It can encourage you to streamline your processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in the working environment.

The term "printing" means the total cost of optimising and managing your printers, which encompasses their total output, along with the processes and people that support these devices. This includes:

  • Pages produced by staff
  • Office desktop printers, multifunction printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and high-volume printers
  • Materials sent out for quick printing, offset printing, mailing and distribution
  • IT help desk support, technical service, maintenance
  • Paper, ink, toner and other consumables and supplies

When you tot up the costs of this "printing" you will see that it's responsible for a huge chunk, (as much as 15%), of a business's annual spending.  So by adopting a 'Managed Print Services' approach and introducing an output management strategy, companies can outsource print management and therefore significantly reduce their costs.   If you fail to manage your print infrastructure then you threaten both your productivity, and, more importantly, your security!  Managed Print Services remove both the risk and the inevitable hassle!

If you have not been convinced so far, why not check out these important reasons why Managed Print Services would benefit you?

  1. Helps you to manage the prohibitive costs of your existing print infrastructure
  2. Reduces unnecessary printing, decreases document-related expenses, thus eradicating needless costs
  3. Reduces any 'paper intensive' processes your business may have, increasing employee productivity and reducing waste
  4. Enables the development of 'automated document workflows'
  5. Helps you to balance your operating expenses against your capital spend
  6. Improves security
  7. It's tailored specifically to your company
  8. Improves how data and documents are handled, bringing your document strategy up to date
  9. Identifies how and where your costs can be slimmed down
  10. Improves your 'green footprint'

So how do I find a reputable company that offers MPS?

The best companies who offer MPS do more than just oversee your printers and photocopiers. They should also:

  • Carry out a thorough, initial assessment to assess what your current practices are
  • Provide a detailed plan to enable you to streamline both supplies and the number of printing devices you have, whilst still meeting the needs of your company
  • Highlight and solve printing problems
  • Reduce your 'green footprint' by enabling you to reduce your paper and energy consumption, which lessens the amount of greenhouse gases and waste.
  • Monitor and modify your printing environment, improving processes to save time and money.
  • Manage/optimise your total print output.
  • Give network management and IT solutions, eg cloud-based solutions.
  • Provide staff training to encourage more productivity and less waste
  • Have a good track record in providing MPS, using highly skilled technicians.
  • Transform slow, paper-based processes into more efficient, automated, digital ones.

When looking for a reputable company it is important to bear all these factors in mind.  If they don't offer these things, then go elsewhere!

Paragon Comment:

With today's competitive climate and constant technological changes, it is vitally important to control and reduce your costs in whatever way you can.  If you are looking to improve processes to increase profits, then it would definitely benefit you to review exactly what your print fleet is made up of, how it meets your requirements and what you could do to make it better.  Companies who have adopted an MPS strategy have often commented that they hadn't previously taken into account their document management costs, which amounted to a significant chunk out of their expenditure!  With help from Paragon Document Solutions comprehensive MPS they were amazed by how much they had saved!

So Why Choose Paragon Document Solutions?

Paragon can deliver a full range of managed print services to businesses throughout London and Nationwide.  As a leading provider, Paragon Document Solutions not only take enormous strides to give you the specialist MPS support and advice that you need, but we are also proud of the way we can help bring savings to our customers. We have an expert team of highly skilled technicians who are on call 24/7, with an average 2 hour response time throughout London.  We supply only the best manufacturers like Canon, Kyocera and Toshiba and see service support as standard.  Everyone, from small businesses to large conglomerates can benefit from reducing and taking control of their printing costs.

Companies can use our tried and tested methods to:

  • Manage print devices - regardless of manufacturer
  • Assess printing needs and put into place the best mix of devices for your business
  • Help you to introduce automated, digital processes, leaving behind the slow, paper-based processes (like routing and approvals) behind you.

Printing costs often account for around 15% of a business's annual spending.  Paragon's 'Managed Print Services' can help you to outsource print management and cut costs by as much as 30%.  Our 'Managed Print Services' can help companies of all sizes by;

  • Cutting capital expenditure
  • Increasing productivity of IT resources and print use
  • Reducing printing costs - by as much as 30%

Paragon Document Solutions can reduce the total cost of office printing and enhance employee productivity by managing all aspects of your office printing and copying. This includes such areas as:

  • service desks
  • break-fix (see our repair page)
  • supplies and procurement of new equipment etc

We see ourselves as one the best managed print services companies around.  We'll do more than just oversee your printers.  Paragon Document Solutions will also:

  • Conduct an initial assessment to analyse your current printing infrastructure.
  • Monitor, manage and optimize your total print output environment, regardless of brand.
  • Provide advice to reduce the number and types of printing devices and supplies while meeting the needs of your business.
  • Be proactive in identifying and solving potential problems with printing and quickly replenish supplies when needed.
  • Consider environmental issues by ensuring you print less paper, consume less energy, generate less greenhouse gas and keep waste to a minimum.
  • Give workers easy and secure printing access.
  • Monitor the printing environment and develop improvements to save both time and money.
  • Provide newer solutions to printing, like platform support to cloud-based solutions, along with comprehensive network support.
  • Train employees in the transition to enable them to be more productive.
  • Provide automated, digital processes to replace slow, paper-based ones, like routing.

By choosing Paragon as your Managed Print Service provider, you can be sure that your print infrastructure will be seamlessly managed.  Let us help you to reduce costs, improve productivity and comply with security and environmental regulations in your company.

Book your Managed Print Service Assessment today to find out how Managed Print Services can help to redefine and improve your document management.


So there you have it!  If you need managed print services, then it's vital that you do some research to ensure that you find a company that has a good reputation and extensive expertise in this field, so that you reap all the benefits that MPS should bring.  The company you choose should be able to guarantee that their managed print services can save you money and that their processes will optimise the way printing and copying is carried out within your establishment.  So choose your MPS provider carefully as Managed Print Serviceswill benefit any business, so it's very important you choose the partner that is right for you, who will give you exactly what you need.

And remember….If you outsource your print management through Managed Print Services, it is widely recognised that you should cut your costs by almost a third!  So contact us today to optimse your document management.

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