Could Your Business Benefit From a Photocopier Leasing Solution

By choosing photocopier leasing you could save thousands of pounds every year.

For many small UK businesses, these are uncertain times. Numerous companies are down-scaling and tightening their belts in the wake of the credit crisis. The new Conservative government continue to paint a gloomy picture of the road ahead as they attempt to steer Britain back to more prosperous waters. So how can you save your business crucial amounts of money this year? Photocopier leasing is a perfect economic strategy for the moderately-sized business.

Why Lease a Photocopier?

It's a good time to shop around and check if you're not paying excessively to your printing suppliers. Switching to a different photocopier leasing company could save you money. If you're happy with them then it's worth enquiring whether they are willing to renegotiate their prices because this is a step that the vast majority of suppliers can be pushed to consider.

Many businesses earn revenue very gradually over time - it therefore makes sense for them to pay their bills gradually as well. With photocopier leasing you can make small fixed manageable payments. It equates to pay as you use.

Leasing a photocopier can also reduce your overall tax bill, as costs are deductible as a business expense, reducing the total cost of leasing. This factor can help determine whether to rent or lease, rather than buy. As an added bonus, payments made throughout a lease arrangement are unaffected by changes in interest rates; you can consequently precisely plan for lease payments in advance. And as cash flow can be forecast, cost of use can be compared with projected revenue and profits generated by the use of the photocopier.

Don't think for one minute that your business has to struggle by with an outdated, dilapidated old printer. Switching to a modern piece of equipment that combines an all-in-one service can revolutionise how your business operates.

A good strategy is to use available funds for expansion or essential business purchases. Leasing a photocopier preserves valuable capital for these purposes and other business opportunities. Additionally, you're able to preserve your existing bank lines and optimise your use of commercial credit sources.

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