Colour A3 Printer for (Animal) Magic Results

It seems when it comes to colour A3 printers, the average office can turn into a bit of a zoo.

Office workers can be animals when it comes to the colour A3 printer. According to research commissioned by Canon - one of the leading digital imaging technology companies - we can acquire some animal behaviourisms around the office printer. Canon commissioned Donna Dawson, a behavioural psychologist, to intrepidly investigate the behaviour of office workers around the colour A3 printer. It may not be on par with David Attenborough travelling the corners of the globe, hiding in the undergrowth and risking life and limb to film some of the world's greatest species, but offices can be fascinating places for human behaviour as Dawson recorded in her research report entitled, The Human Zoo.

Does the Colour A3 Printer Make you Roar?

With the amazing colour A3 printer technology available today, it's unlikely the printers will make office workers roar with frustration. Colour printers are all about intuition and keeping things simple. You can condense a colour A3 printer, copier, scanner and fax into one simple, clever machine - helping offices save time, money and space. With automatic document feeders and super-fast A3 documents printed in vibrant ink-jet colours, you can be assured of professional results. But just because the technology is superior, it doesn't mean humans are. We still behave in mysterious ways with all our human quirks - after all a leopard doesn't change its spots. Dawson found there were a number of animal groups humans fell into when it came to the office A3 printer - especially when it came to using colour:

Parrots - Senior Manager

Parrots can be big, bold and beautiful. Of course parrots are very colourful and like to make an impact. Dawson found that often senior managers fell into the parrot category - they may be cost conscious when it comes to running a business, but apparently when it comes to printing out the latest reports - they don't hold back on the A3 colour printer, throwing caution to the wind!

Cheetahs - The Sales Staff

Sales staff have been compared to cheetahs when they use the colour A3 printer - fast, impulsive and heavy users of colour print.

Dragons - Middle Managers

It seems a little unfair to be compared to a dragon, but it isn't as bad as it sounds - the psychologist believes middle managers work for the common good, using a lot of colour when they print in a 'desperate attempt to try and please everyone'.

Pandas - Finance Staff

The money crunchers are seen as good natured like pandas, but also like pandas have a black and white approach. They prefer to print in black and white, as cost is crucial to every action they take.

Chimps and PR

The marketeers are like chimpanzees - the most resourceful animals - using colour printers to their optimum best for maximum impact.

Stags - General Staff

General office staff have been compared to stags - rutting and clashing antlers in an attempt to give the best possible display. Excessive use of colour A3 printers can reveal big egos in the mix!

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