Canon Colour Printer - 'You Can' with a Canon

Businesses rely on the Canon colour printer range because Canon is a trusted world-leader in its field, offering creative and intuitive solutions for the office.

It isn't surprising that the Canon colour printer range is one of the most popular when it comes to leasing printers for the corporate environment. Canon is a global brand, known for being an innovative provider of imaging and information technology. Japan has always led the way, and the Canon brand was established in Tokyo back in the 1930s by a group of enthused scientists. The business solutions branch of the brand include providing sophisticated and professional Canon colour printers to businesses that incorporate multifunctional services, such as photocopying, faxing, imaging and document management. The Canon colour printer is the intelligent office solution.

Succeeding with the Canon Colour Printer

Canon knows a thing or two about colour printing technology. The brand has done its fair share of research and analysis into the inner workings of the office environment - including how colour and personality can impact on how we succeed or not in the workplace. Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that the manufacturers of the Canon colour printer turned to a leading colour psychologist, Andrea Mountford, to examine in more detail the impact colour can have. If you're using a Canon colour printer to put together a memo, a mission statement or an annual report, it's worth keeping in mind that colours can create strong positive, or negative impressions. The Office Solutions Strategic Marketing Manager of Canon Europe said in a press release for Canon colour printers that colour psychology was also crucial in what office workers wear.

What Not to Wear!

We all know that first impressions not only last, but they are made in the blink of an eye. It's said interviewers make their mind up about a potential employee before they've even sat down in the interview room. Colours can communicate personality, make a positive impact, and impact on your career according to the colour experts at Canon. Firstly, you need to identify your personality type, then match the right colours to the right type. There are four sets of personality types including:

  • Driver - someone who is objective focused, gets to the point, can be sometimes brusque, with high energy and not afraid of conflict. (Should wear delicate, fresh colours such as green, daffodil yellow and blues.)
  • Expressive - natural story tellers who are warm and good at communicating, although can exaggerate and be more of a talker than a do-er! (Opt for cool, subtle colours like rose pink, dove grey and maroon.)
  • Amiable - Hates conflict, blends into situations, avoids decision making, highly sensitive (loves poetry), can be quiet, (warm, fiery colours such as tomato red and peacock for an earthy, warm effect.)
  • Analytical - into detail - makes decisions only when all the facts are available, can be highly critical and pessimistic, albeit very perceptive. (clear, strong colours such as white, black and crimson can communicate uncompromising excellence.)

Canon Colour Printer - Not Black and White

Knowing your colour palettes and the effects colours can have will allow you to positively express aspects of your personality. Black may be slimming, but it can make people look cold and unapproachable - the Canon colour experts recommend you avoid wearing black in the office, even though it's the most common colour worn in the workplace. Colours can communicate mood - dark colours such as blue and black can indicate a serious meeting, softer colours may be more suited for HR roles or secretaries who want to be open and approachable.

Canon also recommend you 'dress your documents for success' with a Canon colour printer - using colours intelligently can help your documents stand out from the crowd, communicate more effectively, and create a positive impact.

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