8 great tips to keep your photocopier clean and running efficiently

I don’t know about you, but I certainly think that people (me included), don’t really think about the electrical gadgets they use until they go wrong!

Take the washing machine, for example.  I spend ages loading and unloading it, switching switches, adding soap powder etc, and then I press the magic button to see the whiter than whites eventually emerge from the said machine, about one hour later.  Yet when that magic start button refuses to set the machine into action, I am totally stuck! 

Same story with your office equipment, I expect.  Undoubtedly, it sits quietly in your office, churning out endless copies day after day, asking for nothing more than the pressing the 'power button', the occasional feeding of toner into the monster and the addition of yet another ream of paper when the current supply is exhausted, but that's it.

With both these examples, when they stop, or something goes wrong, we then go into panic mode because we really can't live without these machines anymore.

All machines need at least some TLC, whatever they are.  So this month I would like you to try these top tips on how to keep your photocopier running smoothly.

Tip 1 - Turn It Off

When your unit is not in use, for example, over the weekend or at night, get in the habit of turning it off.  If you have a cover, then use it. If you don't, then get one. This helps to keep the machine dust free.

Tip 2 - Keep it Dry

To keep moisture out of the unit, invest in some Silica Gel Bags and place them in the photocopier's paper tray.  These are readily available at hardware stores or office suppliers. 

Tip 3 - Keep the Air Intake Clean

All photocopiers have an air intake panel and most have a filter on the inside, to clean the air as it is pulled into the copier. This certainly works, but you can never clean the air enough. It is surprising the amount of dust that still accumulates in copiers even though they all have filters on them. For extra protection place a strip of cheesecloth over the opening and change it regularly each month.

Tip 4 - Changing the Air Filter

I'm sure we all know that there's an air filter in our photocopier, but how often do we change them? I expect if we are truthful, not very often. For maximum protection, these should be changed monthly.  Changing filters this often will guarantee you are consistently pulling in nice clean air into the unit, thus extending the life span of your machine.

Tip 5- Clean the Optics and Glass

Use glass cleaner for the optics (glass) and the slit exposure that is usually located next to the main copy glass and is about 2 cms wide.  Also clean the document feeder area. These should be cleaned every few weeks to keep your copier running to its full potential.

Tip 6 - Keep the Paper Fresh

If your unit has been sitting idle for some time, get rid of the old paper that has been sitting in the tray collecting dust and moisture.  Replace it with fresh paper, as dust, dirt and grit will have collected there, and the last thing you want is to have foreign particles going through the copier, causing damage.

Tip 7 - Pressurized Air

Every month take a can of air and blow out the dust and dirt from the paper trays. (Hint…  Take the paper out first!)

Tip 8 - Clean the Paper Feed Tyres

If your paper doesn't feed through the document feeder properly, it may be because the paper feed tyres can't grab the paper anymore. Simply clean the rollers with soap and water by using a damp rag with some soap on it. Wipe the feed tyres and when completed, take a clean rag and dry them off. They should then work okay.

  • Paragon's  Response

There are some great tips here to keep your unit performing at peak efficiency.  By taking the time and trouble each month to perform these 8 simple cleaning tips, you will have fewer service calls and more trouble free copying.

We, here at Paragon, are committed to providing you withquality customer service.  If you buy or rent your premium branded photocopier from us, we'll ensure that you receive regular preventative maintenance visits.  Furthermore, if something does go wrong, we have dedicated engineers who won't keep you waiting.  With a 2 hour London & 4 hour nationwide response time, we'll guarantee to have someone out to you very quickly.  What's more, there are absolutely NO HIDDEN COSTS!   We are unrivalled experts in the field of photocopying and printing, with an excellent reputation for buying, renting or leasing.  

If you would like to find out more information regarding our services, get in touch with a member of the Paragon team today. We have a wealth of industry experience, and our staff are always on hand to answer your questions

  • Conclusion

So there we have it!  You may not be able to launder your smalls using the photocopier, or print copy your copies on the 30 minute delicates cycle, but the principle of preventative maintenance is the same, whether it be a photocopier or a washing machine! 

With a little regular care and attention, taking less time than it does to make the office coffee, you can keep your electrical appliances in good working order.

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