Selecting a Photocopier

There are many different types of photocopiers on the market today and choosing the right one to suit your needs can often be easier if you discuss your needs with our product specialists.

When choosing a photocopier, please consider these following points:

  • Calculate how many copies you need to make per month taking into account the future growth of your business and consider the manufacturer's maximum monthly volume recommendations.
  • The speed of a photocopier is measured in copies per minute (cpm) the first two digits of the Kyocera model number denote the running speed ie KM1500 = 15 cpm, ensure the photocopier you chose will run at a suitable speed for your requirements.
  • Small photocopiers tend to only copy to a maximum paper size of A4, so ensure you choose one that will copy to the size of paper you need.
  • Other features that are only available on some photocopiers are stapling, booklet making and double sided (duplex) copying, ensure you choose a photocopier that can carry out these tasks if required.
  • Ensure you choose a photocopier that has enough paper capacity so that it can be replenished at convenient intervals.
  • Digital photocopiers often offer a scanning function allowing you to scan documents to your pc allowing you to store or email important letters or images.
  • Some Kyocera digital copiers allow you to print from your pc to the copier, printing to a copier offers significant cost savings in comparison to using inkjet printers or laser printers.
  • If you chose Photocopier Leasing Solutions as your next photocopier supplier we can offer you a service contract that includes labour consumables and spare parts over a given period.
  • It may be more cost-effective for your organisation to lease your photocopier, so ask about leasing arrangements.
  • For additional peace of mind, Photocopier Leasing Solutions are a authorized Kyocera Business Partner.

When comparing Photocopier Leasing Solutions with other photocopier companies within our industry consider carefully the prices quoted for the photocopier itself but then be sure to compare installation, service and support packages, verify that their Engineers are trained by the manufacturer to maintain the equipment to the standard set out and check to see if they stock spare parts and toners in significant quantities to cover periods where the manufacturer runs out of a particular item.

As a Canon, Kyocera and Toshiba photocopier supplier we are able to call upon our excellent relationship with the manufacturer and their in house technical dept which gives ongoing support and technical updates to our own engineers whether it be product enhancements or network connectivity issues.

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